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Art Giser

Gift: (3) 1-hour Unleash the Energies of Abundance Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ Sessions

Find out more about this by connecting with this great coach! 

Megan Chaseky

Gift“Source of All” – download of song written and sung by Megan Chaskey

“Source of All” is an original song written and performed by singer/songwriter, Megan Chaskey to express gratitude and reverence for Mother Earth, all of life, and the Source of All. Recorded and arranged by award winning Scott Petito of NRS Studio.

 Sales and Lead

Debbie Hoffman

Gift3 Key Scripts to Power-Up Your Sales (Without Being Salesy!) Plus Attend 6 Networking Events for Free!

Debbie has created a heart-based follow-up system that prepares you to achieve consistent sales results by “powering-up” your ability to connect with people. Her 90+ scripts provide a step-by-step road map detailing what to say, when to say it, and how to BE!Debbie’s 3 Key Scripts will provide you with exactly what to say so you’ll be more confident when following up and have more ideal clients saying “Yes” to working with you.•How to connect with a potential JV Partner after a networking event•What to say to someone who’s been buried in your pile of business cards •What to say to an interested prospect who’s gone MIAAnd, that’s not all…You’ll also get a Special Bonus Package to attend 6 “Power Up Your Networking” Events. Twice a month Debbie brings heart-centered entrepreneurs together from all over the world to connect, collaborate and support each other.

James Lam

GiftThe Ultimate Social Media Toolkit

The Ultimate Social Media Toolkit is the PERFECT starting spot for heart-centered leaders, coaches and healers. Nine essential documents to rock your social media including “365 Social Media Topic Ideas” – that’s one new unique idea for an entire year!

Jim Padilla

Gift: Show Up Sequence

With this free download you will learn – How to overcome distraction and get your calendar booked up with prospects who are ready to speak NOW…not 3 weeks from now – The simple auto responder that boosts engagement and gets your leads to take the next step before you’ve spoken a single word – The 2-minute message that gets your prospects so excited for your call they wouldn’t dream of missing out – You’ll learn the seamless sales call system we use in our clients’ businesses AND in our own business, so we don’t waste our time wondering if our prospects will actually show up.

Moira Ni Ghallachoir 

Gift11 Keys To Finding Your First or Next Virtual Speaking Gig 

I have listed 11 strategies to find your first or next speaking gig, plus email templates on what to say to make sure you get booked.

Personal Development 

Elizabeth Onyeabor

Gift3 Keys to Enoughness: A 30-day Guide to Accelerate Effortless Joy

Do you worry about doing enough or being good enough? Learn 3 keys to supercharge fulfillment. Open to new possibilities, create greater peace of mind, and deepen the bond with your truest, loving self.

Elizabeth Johnston

GiftFree Your Inner Writer – the Biz Edition

A 30-day self-directed video program to help you free your inner writer and generate dozens of stories you can use in your marketing, plus three live coaching calls to help you get the most out of the program.

Malcolm Grissom

GiftA complementary hour-long coaching session 

For anyone who has a speech, we’ll work together to improve it. For anyone who’s afraid of public speaking, I’ll provide tips to work with your anxiety. And I’ll provide two templates: One for conducting an engaging story and the other for giving impromptu speeches. Just email me at

Marilyn Sutherland

GiftMy VIP GIFT is Healthy Relationship Self-Assessment with Marilyn 

This is a 90-minute one-on-one session for you to examine critical habits you need to have healthy relationships and see how they impact your relationship challenges. Most people say the assessment brings clarity when they see how their competency (or lack) in these critical skills are directly related to their challenges and can see a path forward.

Catherine Steele

GiftPersonal Communication Analysis Checklist 

Are you an Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant or Entrepreneur who wants to reach more people, connect with them on a deeper level quickly and easily, and create long-lasting relationships? The Personal Communication Analysis Checklist was created to save you time, headaches, lost business, and potential legal troubles. The Personal Communication Analysis Checklist was born, as many tools are, of a dangerous mistake people were making in the real estate industry in Vancouver, Canada. A prominent real estate manager reached out to me and asked me to create a training session to address the problem of unreturned phone calls and work-related email and text messages being sent without the required legal disclaimers. Are YOU aware of: Your personal communication preferences? Your client’s communication preferences? Fill out the checklist and see how you match up!

Saundra Gillard

Gift9 Steps to Building Self Empowerment

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Melody Self

Gift: Placeholder

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Wealth Mastery

Denise Thomas

GiftCollege Knowledge e-Book Bundle

From middle school through high school these e-books will help you on your journey to avoid crippling student loan debt.

Jonathan Bengel, E.A.

GiftThe ABC’s of Deductions, an Entrepreneur’s Guide to Tax Write Offs

IRS Enrolled Agent and Tax Advisor Jonathan Bengel takes the guesswork out of it for you in this brilliant and easy-to-understand book. The information in this book is quick and to-the-point, designed specifically with entrepreneurs in mind. The simplicity of its contents adds to its popularity, especially as we live in such a busy world. Learn how to maximize your tax deductions and write-offs so you can keep more of the money you worked so hard to earn.

Stacey Golden-Lisnock

GiftModule one of the 7 module course, Got It Together – Emergency Info File

Module 1 of the 7 module course: Got It Together – Emergency Info File 

Tiffany Cano

GiftMoney Magnet Program

Receive 20 Minute Prosperity Healings over 20 days to receive new and unexpected sources of cash.*Make better prosperity choices and rely on your intuition.*Develop healthy money habits and release sub-conscious beliefs!*Remove barriers and allowing for new opportunities.*Feel more confident and stable with money.

Shadeed Eleazer

GiftDigital Assets Execution Plan

Step-by-step execution plan to create Digital Assets

Christine Luken

Gift7 Ways to Increase Your Income This MonthVideo training + PDF guide shows you 7 easy ways to increase your business income this month with minimal time and without spending a penny on ads!

Dannella Burnett

GiftSpeakers Crush it from the Stage ChecklistSpeakers Checklist, Personal Speakers Action Call, and 100 Hot Speaking Leads

Health and Wellness

Amber Wise

Gift3 day Fat Burner for the Busy Entrepreneur

Are you crazy busy? Have you gained a few unwanted pounds? I totally get it! This 3 day FAT TORCHER is FAST and EFFECTIVE. In just 3 days RESET your body and health with quick workouts and healthy recipes. Even the busiest woman can do these as it takes less than 20 minutes a day!

Kathy Denise Hicks

GiftToo Stressed and Busy? Five step “Fit Life” Guidede

This 5 Step Guide to help you get back on track with your mindset, nutrition and fitness. A journal has been included to encourage you to get out of the stress zone and move your body to feel better and eat better, creating a happier and healthier you. 

KimberlyAnn Smith

GiftFree Lead Magnet: Why Am I So Tired All the Time? Conquering Chronic Fatigue

My free gift is a pdf that explains one of the most common causes of chronic fatigue, which is not widely known or discussed.

Jen Shelby Miller

Gift$25 Shopping Credit to Shop with SAVVI and $100 or $200 OFF when you Partner with us! 

$25 Off Clothing 

Business Development

Kimberly Hobscheid

Gift: Ignite the Stage: Speaker Registration Form 

Get Speaking Gigs, Find Stages, Host Your Own Stage

Jill C. Lublin

Gift: Jill Lublin’s Publicity Action Guide  

This 40 page book is an easy-to-use, practical guide to help you develop your own effective public relations plan. Each section is filled with techniques and tips that will send you well on you way to creating effective publicity.

Dee Collins

Gift: From Stress to Success Online Training

Free online training and more.

Elizabeth J Springer

Gift: My “Y” Content Creation planning Checklist and Workshop 

Content creation planning ideas and review checklist and My “Y” Content Creation workshop which is a deep dive into the strategy and steps prior to creating your content and understanding your objective and how to plan the steps ahead

Julie-ann Pina

Gift: Business Synergy Systems – First things First

The first steps that launch your path to better results.

Lyndia Lipscomb

Gift: 50% off Passion 2 Profit Program

Passion 2 Profit Program helps you launch and grow your business for small business owners seeking entrepreneurship.

Brigette Callahan

Gift: RISE ABOVE THE REST: Top 5 secrets to create compelling slides that engage

This 5-part mini-training series will walk you through how to create great slides using the high-level distinctions of quick retention and brain pleasing content. Once you use these techniques you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging slides that your audience will love. We will explore creating a branded template, how to convey text without those boring bullets, how to include photos for increased memory, how to visually display statistics and how to include video for super engagement.

Brenda Adelman

Gift: Your Story and Your Talent on Stage (7 part mini-course)

Brenda shares her 7 step proven system for creating a presentation that makes YOU Unforgettable in her min course. Find Your Passionate Message Get Specific Techniques to Get You Past Your Resistance Craft Your Story Like a Pro Perform and Present Your Material So That You Are Captivating Discover How to Rewrite and Rehearse Learn Creative Ways to Promote Put the Fundamentals for Making Money with Your Story in Place

Glory Ali

Gift: 21 Day Business Growth Accountability Challenge

Spend ONE HOUR a day on your business making sales, marketing, connecting with people having conversations with prospects, taking leads and converting them to sales. Get one profit-producing tip each day. These are actionable tips you can complete that day to drive your business forward.You can completely change your life and your business with 60 minutes of dedicated focus every day – but that time and focus needs to be on profit-producing activities.We’ll be celebrating with you and we’ll be doing prizes and giveaways and tons of other fun stuff too.

Mostafa Hosseini

Gift: Simple Marketing Formula 

At this 3-day Live Workshop, you will get: – Discover how to Simplify your marketing efforts to produce actual results – Daily Mastermind sessions to get support on your questions & challenges – Daily Breakout sessions to meet other students and expand your network – Lifetime Access to our Closed Facebook Group and have access to other community members – Walk out with your One-Page Strategic Marketing Plan Completed!

Sponsor Contributor Gifts

Jay Fiset

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