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Inthirani Arul 

GiftFirst Chapter of My SoulPath Exploration Course

Video and worksheet that helps you to discover and define your passion.

Dawna Campbell  

GiftEvery one can receive a 15 minute connection reading 

Every person has that one question that we want to have answered. Dawna will go to the highest source, Creator, to receive the highest possible answer for you.

Sales and Lead Generation

Jessica Koch

GiftA training video “Build Your Targeted Prospect List” You must know who you want to work with in order to get that first meeting and work with them! You must know where you want to go in order to get there! This video will help you use some amazing free tools to help you Filter down to your best prospects!! 

Health and Wellness

Dr. Ali Lankerani

Gift3 Key Steps to Remove Brain FogYour unfair advantage to improved performance, productivity, and endurance!

Emma Aurieemma

GiftFeel Good in Your Home Checklist An inventory of factors to make your environment personally comfortable and attractive

Nancy Krampetz

Gift30 minute free consultation to discuss options on how to improve your health and wealth together! And bonus Gratitude Ripple Digital Book!

Explore how you can improve your energy, decrease pain, a major life disrupter, and get back to emotional & physical well-being. What is all the wealth if you don’t have your health to enjoy it. One’s health is the most valuable asset. AND I would like to also include The Gratitude Ripple Tracka’Book is a unique book about the power of expressing gratitude to other people in your life and around you as you interact with them. This digital book not only talks about the power of Gratitude but it actually creates a digital ripple of gratitude in people’s lives through a unique mobile app concept. You read the book, choose someone you want to give the book to, download the app, track the unique number connected to this book, and share your gratitude message in the app to the person you send it off to. That person reads the book, tracks it, sees the message you left and then repeats the process with a person they choose. This is the Gratitude Ripple and each person who gets that exact digital copy gets to see the book travel from one person to the next and the messages people leave behind.

Beth E. Coombs

Gift5 Minute Yoga Video

Anybody can do yoga and I’ll show you how in my 5 minute yoga video. No props necessary, just your body and your breath!

Personal Development

Merri-Jo Hillaker

GiftMoney Mindsets Traps Did you ever think that your relationship with money could be the number one cause of you never having enough? . Is it not time for you to eliminate those self-inflicted barriers and set yourself free to become a money attractor? 

Deborah Morehead

GiftHow To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy (full book chapter) 

How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy (full book chapter)

Lyn Temperley

GiftA color analysis on zoom 

A 15 minute personal color analysis to the first 15 

Krista Inochovsky 

GiftQuick Start to Teen Confidence Inside & Out

Two Steps to Spark Confident Teens – Inside & Out

David Claar 

GiftCrack My Code- Discover your true personality in 90 seconds or less

DISCOVER YOUR TRUE PERSONALITY IN 90 SECONDS OR LESS A groundbreaking, practical, scientifically-validated personality test to understand yourself better. Get immediate, actionable tips on how to communicate better and make better decisions in business and life, based on your unique personality type. Uncover your true “personality code” in less than 90 seconds by completing this quick, accurate, scientifically-validated personality test. You’ll get a FREE, custom Personality Report based on our proprietary B.A.N.K. behavior assessment ($99 value) with detailed insights about your strengths, your weaknesses, your values, and much more!

Wealth Mastery

Charles Sutherland

GiftCreative Real Estate Financing ChecklistCreative Real Estate Financing Checklists

Darlene Coquerel, Queen of Foreclosures

GiftUltimate Foreclosure Formula Course – 75% Discount!90 Days Hands-on Training with me & my D.R.E.A.M. Team!Includes Leads, Support, Training and Mentorship Program immediately and for the next 3 months! Plus a Ticket to the 3-Day Live on zoom Ultimate Foreclosure Formula Bootcamp on How to Find Motivated Sellers, Close More Deals and Make Money in 60 Days or Less.

Ellen Anne Shapiro

GiftFinancial Forgiveness MeditationGuided meditation for releasing self-judgement and negative self talk around money and income – and opening up to the flow of prosperity.

Business Development

Jay Fiset

GiftYour Joint Venture Jumpstart ChecklistThe Checklist Will Help You Learn How To …

Add pure PROFIT to your business! Attract clients you would otherwise never have access to! And, Build a tribe of loyal followers!

Carrie Murray

Gift6 month BRA Network Membership 6 Months of community, collaborations and business acceleration.

Carrie Vanston

GiftLeadership Mindset Strengths & Gaps Wheel AssessmentYour mindset determines your outcomes! Knowing where your 8 leadership levels fall on the Mindset Wheel gives you the clues to unleash the opportunities and unexpected outcomes that will change your life. BONUS: A FREE 1/2 debrief with Master Coach Carrie Vanston – a $497 value. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Becky Norwood

Gift: 4 Pillars of a Story Well Told

The 4 Pillars of a Story Well Told 

Kelly Falardeau

Gift: 7 Steps Author Blueprint

17 page blueprint on how to publish a book in 7 easy steps

Virginia Muzquiz, The Referral Diva

Gift: The Goals That Matter Masterclass

Learn how to turn your goals into an essential part of your marketing! When you set Goals That Matter your ideal clients (the ones who believe what you believe, value what you value and want to make a difference in the world) will join your tribe and share you with others! In just 5 days, 20 minutes each day, you can chart the course for success in 2021.

Marjorie Saulson

Gift: Communicate with Confidence – Attract New Clients, Score More Sales

10 Powerful Pathways to Overcoming Your Public Speaking Fears (even if you have struggled with them for years)