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Driving Innovation Success for Businesses of all Sizes.



March 22-26

It’s time for WA Businesses to learn how

to accelerate their innovation and


March 22 2021 12:00 PM AWST









Educate businesses on optimal innovation with LIVE sessions all 5 days.

  • You innovate because you are really wanting to… 
  • Grow your business
  • Improve how your business operates
  • Create a new product or service
  • Improve the quality of life for people in your community
  • Create wealth for your family
  • The risks and challenges of what to do and how to do it are endless.  

    You may be getting a lot of things right, but you know there are still some key pieces that may be missing to make it all easier and more effective. 



WA Unleashed 2021 is Western Australian’s largest virtual summit focused on innovation. 


It’s been specifically created to introduce you to the people and the knowledge that you need to accelerate your innovations to greater impact and financial results.


Optimal innovation requires continually making good decisions as you progress along the innovation journey, and in WA there are a number of supporters and experts that are available to help. However, until now, it has been hard to know who they are, what they do and how to access them. 


By bringing businesses together with the WA innovation experts and supporters (the WA innovation ecosystem) we aim to create a greater and more optimal outcome for everyone.

Summit Objectives

  1. Optimise the WA Innovation Ecosystem
  2. Educate businesses on what optimal innovation requires
  3. Connect the WA Innovation ecosystem with the larger business community
  4. Showcase key innovation supporters and what their role is in the WA Innovation ecosystem
  5. Highlight Funding Options available for your innovation.

30+ experts over 5 days will give you strategies, techniques, and connections you can use to accelerate your innovations, no matter what stage you are at.

It’s time to Unleash!


Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing experts you’ll hear from at WA Unleashed 2021.

Larry Lopez

Australian Venture Consultants

Topic: Opening Keynotes


Greg Thomas


Topic: Getting Your R&D Tax Incentive Registration Right

Ian Brown and Greg Reibe

INSEAD and Triangle Equity Partners

Topic: Reasons Why Most Innovations Fail To Raise Funds (A)

Nick Gainsley

Principal Credit and One Venture

Topic: Not All VC Funds Are Created Equal: Do You Really Know What You Get From a VC?

Jeremy Galbreath

Ecope International

Topic: Open Innovation: A Pathway to Better Innovation

Tom Goerke


Topic: What’s the Latest on WA Startup Ecosystem? 

Kate Brooks  


Topic: How to Get The Government to Help Your Business Grow

Ivan Gustavino 

CV Check Ltd.

Topic: Elegant M&A’s: The M&A Masterclass

James Edwards and Derrek Gerrard

Better Labs & Purpose Ventures 

Topic: What’s RAC Actually Up To? Why It’s Essential To Transition Corporate Growth with Innovation

Chandra Sundareswaren


Topic: Innovation in What Co-working Can Offer Everyone (A+B)

Hayley McGillivray 

Innovation Facilitator

Topic: How to Use Researchers In Your Business Innovation

Bolko Hohaus

HCP Asset Management SA

Topic: Dissecting Angels


Natasha Ayers


Topic: How To Use Global Funds to Accelerate Your Commercialisation Pathway


David Weir 

Radium Capital

Topic: Successful R&D Tax


Michelle Carey

Imdex Limited

Topic: Success Story: Imdex Secrets to Continual Innovation in a Listed Company

Mark Jenkins 

Quickstep Holdings Chairman and NXD

Topic: Success Story: Quickstep, From Canning Vale to Global Leader in Composite Manufacturing

Tim Jones


Topic: Success Story: Hyprfire, How to Spinout From a University and Raise Funds


Danelle Cross, Sheryl Frame, and Stephanie Rowland

Curtin University, EDICT International Consultants (Pty) Limited, Allion Partners, Purpose VenturesAgriStart

Topic: What’s the Point of an Accelerator?

As you can see by this incredible lineup, you are NOT going to want to miss this event.

The  Details


The WA UNLEASHED 2021 Summit will run from March 22 to 26, with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


You can tune into the summit from the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere with Internet access.


Presentations will be 15-50 minutes in length. 



There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

WA unleashed 2021 will be the first time WA businesses will have a summit dedicated to everything they need to know about the optimal innovation journey.

This isn’t general advice for any business out there. 

Every single presentation is aligned to the core objective of optimising your innovation success, making it a whole lot more impactful and relevant for you.

But more importantly, we’re not here to add to your plate. Our goal isn’t to throw a pile of new strategies and tasks at you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and like there’s no way you can do enough. Instead, we’re here to take what you’re already doing and optimise it in a way that makes your innovation simpler, more efficient, profitable, and stress-free.

Join us for WA UNLEASHED 2021 today!

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Why an Innovation Summit?

With 2020 behind us, it has become imperative for businesses to seek out new strategies, directions and opportunities just to remain relevant moving forward. Innovation isn’t just a buzzword for techies and start-ups any more, it’s on more board minutes, strategies, value statements and business plans than ever before! But innovation is one of the hardest business strategies to manage for optimal outputs, often resulting in false starts, Time delays, losses and unhappy leadership teams. This isn’t the fault of the business, it’s normally because they don’t know where to go for help, not just at the beginning, but the whole way along the innovation pathway. 

And it is because business requires five ingredients to create optimal innovation to maximise outcomes: a roadmap of innovation pathway, what are the stages of the business innovation journey and what does the stage require; a decision-making process and governance framework to ensure that resources are being employed efficiently and prioritised appropriately; access to the resources and experts they need, when they need them; appear network of innovators; and timely access to funds as the innovation progresses.

W.A. unleashed 2021 will be the first time W.A. businesses will have a summit dedicated to everything they need to know about the optimal innovation journey. And following the five day Summit they will have a single location to go that provides them with On-Demand access to everything they need for optimal W.A. innovation in the innovation and collaboration network (ICN). The ICN is a collaboration opportunity with innovation supporters, experts and investors who can come together to help WA businesses that want to innovate.

Is this only for Innovation?

It sure is! To be clear, innovation is about creating change for growth. So if you’re intending to grow, then successful innovation is at the core of that outcome.

There are a lot of offerings out there for general business owners, but this one has been created specifically for innovators and those seeking to optimise the innovation journey of their companies. 

When is this whole thing happening?

The main portion of the summit runs from March 22 to 26. We’ll kick off on the 22nd of March with an opening call. When you register, you can also select to get a reminder before each presentation that is of specific interest to you. 

How long will the videos be available?

Each video will be available for 24-hours. 

Are the presentations live?

To avoid tech glitches, save our sanity, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are a combination of both live and pre-recorded and will be released at the scheduled time. The live portion comes in with the speakers on the Q&A panel with the host, or in the chatbox answering your questions directly. 

Are you still accepting speakers?

All of our speakers for this summit have been hand-picked and our slots are currently full. However, we’re open to additional partners, sponsors for the ICN or potential speakers for next year’s summit. If you’re interested in partner or sponsor details or being considered for WA Unleashed 2022, email info@theunleashedzone.com.

I still have questions!

No problem! Shoot an email over to info@theunleashedzone.com and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.



Grab your free ticket to the WA Unleashed 2021 and be well on your way to Unleashing your innovation success.

Meet The  Host

Stephen Caroll

Stephen Caroll

Founder of The Unleashed Zone

Stephen founded The Unleashed Zone to help business owners and innovators achieve greater success, more efficiently, from their innovation.  Stephen has over 20 years of innovation experience, working with 1,000s of businesses in a diverse range of industries, from start-up innovators to large multi-national corporations, all exclusively involved with innovation. Stephen has been part of many innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives through mentoring and providing services to innovation awards, grants, programs, incubators and accelerators.


Prior to founding The Unleashed Zone Stephen was an R&D Tax specialist, culminating with the last eight years as the national lead partner for R&D Tax where he built a large national team with significant success and recognition in the industry as a leading R&D Tax team.


Stephen is passionate about helping people achieve their innovation dreams and love’s to see them obtain the rewards they deserve. The Unleashed Zone is how he makes this happen.

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