Pathway of Hope: A New Beginning

A six-week online course with the support and tools you need to find your
Pathway of Hope to a New Beginning!

Are you someone who’s not ready to retire, but you know that season of life is not far away? Maybe you’ve been laid off, forced into retirement, or perhaps you’ve already retired and you realize there’s so much more you have to offer?

Is there more you want to accomplish?


Pathways with Patti’s six week online course has the support and tools you need to find your Pathway of Hope to a New Beginning!

Let Patti assist you with discovering your passion and new purpose for the moments that take your breath away! You’ll be excited to learn about “all the places you will go!”

“The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.”
– Prasad Mahes

Benefits of the Pathways with Patti course include:


Learning how to discover and create your next chapter


Experiencing how powerful you are to start a new journey


Eliminating negativity and bring self love and positivity into your life


Setting new goals and learn to visualize how those goals can change your life


Developing ways through relaxation and mindfulness to reduce stress and negative self talk


Building your confidence with "Positivity Matters"

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Take a tour of the 6 week course:

Week 1: Welcome to a New Beginning!

Transition from one role to finding the next!
Purpose, Awareness, Talents, Passion, Perspective, Values
Along with: Intention, Implementation and Impacts

Week 2: Goal Setting and Vision Boards

Short Term & Long Term Goal Setting, Visualization Exercise, Vision Board Creation

Week 3: Self Love and Self Care

Definition and Examples of Self Love & Self Care, Self Care Questions & Discussion, Self Affirmations and Visualization Exercise

Week 4: “Name It to Tame It!” - Stress Relievers & Mindfulness

Physical Symptoms of Stress, Emotional Effects of Stress, Cognitive & Behavioral Symptoms, Reducing Stress: Mind, Body, Spirit Techniques, Visualization Exercise

Week 5: Confidence and Positivity Matters!

Defining & Discussing Confidence, Power of Positivity, Positive Health Related Facts, Positive Self Messages, Visualization Exercise

Week 6: Graduate to Your “New Beginning!”

Review and Recap of entire course, Putting your Plan and Purpose into Play

Here’s What They say…

  • “As a newly retired high school counselor, it was the perfect time for me to look at my NEW BEGINNING. I’ve had a blessed life. I loved my 38 year career in education as well as my roles as a spouse, a mom, and grandma. All of those have shifted and now it is time for me to look at my desires for my future. This course allowed me to redirect my energy and realign my priorities. Patti’s pathway course guided me to reevaluate my purpose in a healthy, positive manner.

    Patti is very supportive as she assists her clients in a variety of methods. She uses a myriad of tools to reach all people. Patti is knowledgable and empathetic to all. She makes the process flow easily as she is both genuine and nonjudgemental. She makes the course fun. Her ‘story’ is inspirational and you will feel that her energy is contagious!”

    Cecilia G.

  • “Even though there are many events inline that bring about clarity, we find that we don’t always know what we want or how to go about getting our wants fulfilled. Pathways of Hope: A New Beginning has helped me to not only clarify what I want, and don’t want, in life, but also the step by step process I can take to fulfill my goals. And as I continue to grow and change in my life, I can look back at this process to reaffirm or redirect my goals. Patti has helped bring a positive clarification of my goals to my life!”

    Toni D.

  • “Patti speaks from her heart. Her loving and caring manner is an inspiration for me to be a better person.”

    Sue C.

  • “Every now and then, it’s important to take time to take a self-inventory of myself. What goals have I achieved and what goals do I still need to meet? Who have I become and who do I still want to be? Taking “Pathways with Patti” this week has helped me get in touch with myself again. This workshop has helped me refocus on what is important and what I can do to be a better person for myself and for others. I would encourage anyone to take “Pathways of Hope: A New Beginning” to bring the important things back to the surface of your life.”

    Kathy O.

  • “Patti is an engaging and inspiring speaker. Her energy and positivity are contagious. She gives you the tools to renew your life. Her program delivers on the promise to change your life’s path. She is a person who walks the walk and talks the talk. Her program has been a guide to my next chapter.”

    Pat W.

Meet Patti Stueland

Patti is living her best life! Retired after teaching and coaching in pubic education for “35” years, Patti continues to reinvent her life’s dreams, goals and ambitions. She is a Life-Cycle Celebrant officiating weddings and funerals, and has been traveling the United States in her R.V. for the past three years! Her business, “Pathways with Patti” offers public speaking engagements, workshops, retreats and a six week online course called “Pathway of Hope: A New Beginning.” If you are looking at reinventing your life’s dreams, goals and ambitions, Patti looks forward to working with you in an environment that is full of positivity, is purposeful and filled with personal growth! For the moments that take your breath away! Life’s an Adventure, Enjoy the Journey!

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