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Maria F La Riva

I am an Intuitive Expert in Emotional Pattern Recognition

I knew who I was. I knew what I wanted but I knew there was more. I had been spinning in my story of drama for way too long. There was a ceiling I had to break for myself. 

I was being surrounded by anger, stress, and abuse that created a ceiling for anything I wanted to create in my business life and my personal life.




Dear Reader, 

It’s Time to Go Beyond The Core So You Can:  

  • See More Joy In Your Life 
  • Be Open To Your Larger Purpose 
  • Create Greater Success From Lasting Motivation

In this webinar I help you to liberate yourself from emotional blockages and stagnant energy so that you can see more joy in your life, be open to your larger purpose, and create greater success for yourself and loved ones. 

See More Joy In Your Life And Be Open To Your Larger Purpose

With: The La Riva Method: Unprogramming Your Emotional Trauma You get to the root and eradicate the trauma so you can become the CEO of YOUR own life. Register For The Webinar.
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Let’s Erase the Blocks that are Not Letting You Be Magnificent!

Unprogramming Emotional Trauma

When your emotions are the driving force of your life they don’t let you think correctly. You are not taking action from strength nut from your emotions. 

I go beyond psychology to care for each individual client with love and patience to help them access their power and get deeper results than they have reached in a lifetime. I go beyond their emotional core to address blockages and beliefs that are limiting their positive emotions and opportunities.  

Revolutionize Your Emotional Awareness to Grow and Flourish in every area of your Life and get on the right track to reaching your Higher Potential.

Bring Peace into Your Life By Releasing

All The Feelings That Don’t Serve You.

Change Your Reality.

Attract More:
  • Joy Acting at your full potential, Increased Productivity, Wealth and Power
  • Bring more peace into your life by freeing yourself of overreactions and addictions,broken relationships,and emotional bankruptcy.
  • Eliminate Emotional Struggle. Eliminate Emotional Reactivity. Experience Abundance.



Healing Emotional Wounds

This is about more than healing cognitive processes or simple “mindset”. This is about eradicating the roots and emotional magnets keeping you stuck in the same cycles. 

Going Beyond The Core

Maria helps us to access the part of our knowledge and wisdom that heals the pains of many lifetimes turning off magnets that are hidden in our childhood trauma or past ancestral connections. 


Deeper Results

Maria is helping us to attune to our emotional power in a new and innovative way that is long lasting and easy to reconnect too. Her content makes achieving this kind of success not just easy but fun. 


Higher Potential

The most amazing benefit isn’t the process but the results. By unlocking the energy tied up in these old emotional blocks we access the power to transform our life on a whole new level opening the door to more possiblities than we can imagine. 

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