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At The Founders Club,

We are a team. We have gathered a diverse group of Experts, Experienced and Emerging Speakers who are at the forefront of their chosen profession. We work together, eat together, bounce ideas together, attend events together, and surf the internet together. We never stop improving, and we know that every new program can be done better than its predecessor. We are driven to reach perfection. It is and always will be the target.

– Toni Kaufman

Founder of Standout Stars™

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The Core DNA of The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau is this: if you take one strand and say it’s the Event Planners, the Meeting Planners, the Producers, and the Stage Managers, these are the people who are looking for you.  Then we take the other strand and this is where you are, the talent who is looking for stages, podcasts conferences, and radio/tv speaking opportunities, The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau works to find that sweet spot between client and speaker to bring opportunities that would not be otherwise available.

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau speakers bureau is our company where we host a collection of speakers who talk about a variety of subjects, which operates to facilitate speakers for clients requiring motivational speakers, celebrity appearances, conference facilitators, or keynote speakers.

Definition of a Speakers Bureau:

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau is a database of personalities from diverse fields such as politics, sports, business, television, and comedy. The speaker bureau team initiates the introduction between speaker and client and supports both parties from the primary stages of making contact throughout the booking and logistics process. Clients requiring speakers are usually businesses, corporations, charities, educational or public institutions. A speakers bureau helps client and speaker negotiate a speaking fee, a payment awarded to an individual for speaking at a public event. This fee is usually set by the speaker or the speaker’s agent. Logistics can be dealt with by the speakers bureau, like fees, transport, accommodation and timing, or communication between speaker and client.

Who can be a Member of Speakers Bureau

Founders’ Club?

The Emerging

They are trying to find their footing, their purpose, their story, their talk.  They don’t have the tools, headshots, landing pages, Social Media presence, speaker bios, speaker media kits. Don’t’ have a community and are struggling to find the right mentor.

The Experienced

They may have a mentor, a coach, already invested in a program or two, they may have an introduction, signature talk, bio, landing page, website, funnels
Experienced speakers often find they are having more trouble advancing to where they want to be or standing out from many other people in their industry. They may already have a course and have appeared on a couple of podcasts or summits.

The Expert

Has all the above and is getting ready for their TEDx and the experts have the experience and the acclaim but often want to find a motivated and engaged group to share it with.  They need an agent or if they are already making $5k per month speaking they need an agent and help negotiating and identifying the right stages.

What Do I Get When I Join The Founders’ Club?

Backstage Pass to Sales Ascenders Sales and Lead Gen Training All-Access Pass to The Monthly Hot Seat Mastermind

Podcasts, Interviews, Stage Opportunities

Free Access to All Summit Recordings

Exclusive Gifts from Our JV Affiliates

Groomed for Success–Automatic Enrollment In Power Pitch, the Standout Stars speaker development program

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