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Open Call for Experts Panel & Giveaway Contributors 

Promo Dates February 26th through March 18th 

Giveaway events are a simple low time-cost strategy for building your list and keeping your content visible in the online market. Not to mention getting to connect  with this group of fun, engaging, and influential leaders. 

Don’t miss your chance to have your super


Reason #1:

Your Tribe Will LOVE your Experts Panel Interviews with Actionable Content! 

Reason #2:

Exceptional Experience from YOU as our Seasoned Experts on our LIVE HOT SEATS in March!

Reason #3:

Your Tribe Will LOVE joining you on your Everyday Super Heroes CLUBHOUSE!

Reason #3:

Great list-building opportunity!!

Reason #4:

Position yourself with other top authorities!

Working with an active community means more exposure for you and your brand! 

Keep in mind that many visitors won’t watch your sales video or will scan through some of the text before deciding whether to watch it or not. For these visitors, it’s very important to have a way to find out whether your product is really suitable for them or not.

Easy $197 Registration to PayPal!

Your $197 Contributor Package Includes:

Experts Custom Marketing Graphics, Swipe Copy and Promotional Copy.

We want to make promotion as easy as possible by providing you with the email copy to send straight to your list. 

FB Live Interviews and Advertising

Let’s get the word out about you and share your story with James’ Communities. Stand out from the social media crowds by cross marketing to new Facebook audiences! 

Live Interviews in our Everyday Superhero Experts Panel and Clubhouse appearances scheduled for March 15-17-18

Hosted By International Coach James Lam this session is a great way to build credibility or show a new side to your business. 

Website Gift Hosting and Social Media Event Promotion

Our team gets your gift information added to our event system for you so you can get back to your busy schedule fast!

AND THEN: we get your gift out to every single registration on a beautifully designed interactive PDF so they can always have a way to contact you for more information from YOU 

Easy $197 Registration to PayPal!

JAMES LAM  //  Your Everyday Super Heroes Event Host 

How I went from a frustrated, over-worked, & money-losing business owner to supporting hundreds of new entrepreneurs to find their power again…

Before I started supporting passionate entrepreneurs in believing in themselves again. Before I helped dozens of small businesses build find their ideal customers through the right message and marketing.  Before I created a national company that was successful in 10 cities across the country, I was somebody new to business – and struggling badly.

Now we are working together to support the entrepreneur community and their superpowers with this fun giveaway.

See you There, 

James Lam

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