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Ever feel like you’re Stuck in an Alligator Pit with all the frustrations, expectations, and personalities snapping at you?

Gift yourself the powerful

 Leadership Mindset Strengths & Gaps Analysis

and change your future for good!

PLUS, A 30 Minute Analysis Session with Master Coach Carrie Vanston – A $497 Value

Anna Westbrook

CEO, Isabel & the Runaway Train

Getting Out of the Alligator Pit provided a clear framework for processing a key problem I was addressing in my career. If you need a mindset shift, this program could be an important step in challenging your thinking and reigniting your problem solving skills.

Carrie Vanston

The Alligator Wrangler


Carrie Vanston

Carrie helps organizations and executives up to their necks in alligators increase their mindset and leadership levels so they can achieve their goals quicker and with less stress. She co-authored the award-winning book MiniTrends .

Her article about getting out of the Covid-19 alligator pit recently appeared in the prestigious Texas CEO Magazine. Carrie directs the Association of Corporate Growth Central Texas’ Corporate Executives Roundtable and Mastermind. She is popular speaker on being a more energized, visionary leader.

 In addition, she is a Certified and Accredited Professional Coach. Carrie also loves to dance, travel, and spend time with her two sons

Carrie supports executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs in getting out of the alligator pit. Become a better communicator and leader so you can achieve your goals faster and more abundantly. 

Change Your Mindset. Change Your Viewpoint of your life. Start seeing Your world differently. 

Tell those challenges See Ya’ Later Alligator!

Why They Recommend  Working with Carrie Vanston!


Executive Director at Texas Military Officers Association

During a discussion with Carrie, I informed her that I was struggling to maintain a sleep pattern during the Covid pandemic and it was affecting my production and efficiency. She suggested we work together to discover which patterns were creating this and we put together a written game plan for me. I sleep like a baby on a perfect schedule now. Thank you Carrie!

Shannon Brooke

Mantrom, Executive Director at Leap to Success

“Carrie delivered a jolt of energy to the audience with her enthusiastic delivery of stories about how to shift our thoughts to the positive, connect with each other, and move forward in our businesses. The presentation was followed by an interactive exercise that got everyone involved. I highly recommend Carrie for those looking for excellent speakers to inspire and entertain their audiences.”

Luis G. Pena

Chair, Opportunities, Project Managers Institute (PMI)

Carrie Vanston’s Get Out of the Alligator Pit presentation was very informative. She’s got great charisma. We learned a lot about how to shift our midset from a fixed mindset to an energizing mindset. Also how to really care about the why of what we’re doing and how that brings out the best in people. A really, really great presentation.