Bio-Bootcamp 2020


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One Full Day, 25 Amazing Speakers, All Taking Care of Your Health and Wellness!

Saturday, October 10, 2020, 10am-4pm CST

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Bio-Bootcamp brings together a group of experts from all across the health and wellness industry to share their stories, insights, and experiences on becoming a more empowered and active person in all areas of life!

Meet Our Hosts

Nolen Davis

Nolen Davis appreciates that leadership is for everyone, every day. His coaching skills showcase people’s superpowers and bring out the best in them. Davis is known for his practical, street-savvy style: his fusion of real-life stories, humor, and conversational techniques connect with his audience at an intimate, intense, and individual level.

Toni Kaufman

Toni Kaufman was born and raised in Mission, TX and is known for her television production, casting and entrepreneurial ventures. She is the host of the popular Radio Show and Podcast, The World Class Mentors. designed to highlight and honor the powerful influence of mentors in people from all walks of life.

Meet Our Speakers

David Lovelace

Overcoming Quarantine with Nutrition

David Lovelace is a native of New York City that has devoted his life to Health & Wellness. David has over 20 years of experience in the Fitness Nutrition Industry with multiple national certifications in personal training including certifications as a NASM Nutritionist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Precision Nutrition. David has dedicated his life to educating the public in proper steps to improve their lives through nutrition.

Dee Collins

Mental Health & Physical Wealth:
5 Psychological Keys to Unlocking Your Prosperity

Deneene A. Collins is the Founder of Success Creation Academy, Inc. and the CEO of Collins Consulting, LLC.  She’s an internet entrepreneur that publishes content with purpose, who has helped key clients make upwards of $500K in under a year with strategic marketing methodologies. Dee is a 3-time International Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, including her latest book, “Muscle Memory Millionaire.” She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, an MBA, and a Master’s in Graphic Information Technology.

Lady Myya Taylor

Believe That You Have More Power Than You Give Yourself Credit For! Do Not Settle For Less Than What You Are Worth!

A single mother of three beautiful ladies, working hard to provide for her family, Lady Myya had a wakeup call: her children are older and on their own. This left a hole in her and left her with her thoughts. She felt her story was coming to an end, but a voice appeared. She took a public speaking class and the voice got louder. Now Lady Myya has a podcast and two radio shows! Lady Myya’s shows are about pushing past what is comfortable and finding your uniqueness, polishing it, and refusing to stop until your passions are built.

Shauna Myers

Benefits of Massage for Injury Prevention and Injury Recovery

Shauna Myers discovered the power of massage therapy to provide comfort and calm and relieve otherwise untreatable pain while helping her special needs child at the end of his life. Since then, she has gone on to help hundreds of people avoid surgeries and recover from injuries. A 2011 graduate of the Everest Institute for Massage Therapy, Shauna lives and practices Ayurvedic philosophy, specializes in deep tissue massage, and Injury Recovery and Prevention. A wife and the mother of six living children, she is passionate about helping her clients achieve the best results.

Angela Kelley

Immune Supplements: Fact or Fiction

Graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina in 1989 with BS in Pharmacy. I have practiced retail pharmacy for 30 years. Live in Anderson, SC. Married to Tom Kelley, also a pharmacist, for 30 years. We have 2 sons, Bryce (28) and Layne (25).

Dr. Tracy Pierce

Maximizing the Results of the Most Common Cosmetic Procedures:
Intro to Neurotoxins, Dermal Fillers & Skin Care

Tracy Pierce is a retired podiatrist and registered nurse specializing in cosmetic medicine since 1997. She received her BSN from Fitchburg State University, and her DPM from Temple University, in 1995. Dr. Pierce completed a Cosmetic Preceptorship, perfecting cosmetic enhancement procedures for the lower extremity. In 2007, new legislation allowed nurses to perform cosmetic facial injections, based on practices and procedures she established. In 2008, Ms. Pierce was honored to be selected and qualified to train doctors and nurse injectors in the proper use of facial filler injections.

Synde Devillier

Health Starts with Awareness

Wife, mother, “MeMa”; real estate broker/owner; married to a bodybuilder; trainer & “wholistic” health coach

Zuriel Gibson

I’m Still Here!
Now What?

Zuriel Gibson is the epitome of a woman that thrives beyond the odds. She knows exactly what it feels like to fight through doubt, fear, and disappointments. Her goal is to continue helping others win against lupus and autoimmune disorders through education, resources, and advocacy. She is proof that you can live a successful life with the right attitude, a made-up mind, and taking the proper actions to make a difference. That very posture contributed to her success as the CEO of Blue Wings Home Health Services, The Gibson Lupus ARC, and Zuriel Gibson, Inc., as well as 15+ years as an industry fashion and print model.

Hope Mackenzie

The 5 W’s of Vaginal Steaming

Hope Mckenzie is The Owner and Voice of Sitting Pretty Luxe Spa. A business dedicated to enriching and empowering the lives of women with cosmetics and care. Sitting Pretty V Suite is a Luxe spa environment where Queens gather, share, and bond during this ancient, holistic, global self-care treatment.

FD Guyton

Get Well With the Gel

Dr. FD “the Foot Doctor” Guyton is the President and CEO of Winning Wellness Foot Spa and author of Amazon best-seller, “Winning Wellness Made Simple.” He graduated from Grambling State University with a BS in Secondary Education, achieved his business certification from the U of H SURE Program, and received a Doctorate in Christian Ministry from JKU in Houston, Texas. His expertise includes 30+ years in the Detox and Wellness Business, including performing reflexology on thousands of people. On January 17, 2010, FD lost his sister “Cookie” to Lupus. FD as now launched a movement to eliminate the chronic pain associated with autoimmune diseases.

Reggie Rusk

What Mental Training for Sports is Really About

Reggie knows first-hand how difficult it is for a young athlete. Reggie’s college coaches made a huge impact on him and his success. Being a student-athlete Reggie learned early on what it takes to become successful: dedication, commitment, and an open mind. Reggie knew his calling was to help give back to young student-athletes in his community. In 2007 Reggie founded Next Level Academy to assist young athletes with mental and physical tools for success on and off the field. Fifteen years later Reggie continues to assist student-athletes. Reggie has assisted hundreds of athletes to earn college scholarships, including over $200 million in scholarship money.

Catharine Pearce

Building Your Niche in a Performance Economy

A self-diagnosed serial entrepreneur, Pearce owned and sold several successful businesses along with managing and consulting with major law firms, worldwide chemical companies, national vendor management companies, non-profits, and the largest boat dealership in Texas. But her heart lies in working with small businesses where she can make the biggest impact not only for the business but for the small business owners’ lifestyle and legacy. With over two decades of marketing, coaching, Pearce identified opportunities and built a system to help entrepreneurs new ways, taking their business to new levels by building multiple residual income streams, cutting healthcare insurance costs in half, and eliminating debt while building wealth.

Dr. Obidike Kamau

Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health

Obidike Kamau, Ph.D. is a retired academician. He spent over 40 years as staff, faculty, and as an accomplished administrator in higher education. He has been very involved in media, as a journalist, commentator, and as general manager of a public radio station. He recently served as host of The Information Activist Podcast, where he states that information leads to knowledge, and knowledge is power. Kamau is guided by the philosophy that the greatest capital on earth is located in the human race, and if any part of this ocean of humanity is repressed, suppressed or oppressed that the whole is short-changed.

David Alcorn

How to Use Technology to Control Your Health

David Alcorn is the proud owner of the League City, Texas, NerdsToGo franchise. Throughout his career, he prioritized both current and new technologies to develop elegant, creative technical solutions across all aspects of control systems. He spent 15 years working in industrial process operations, working as a Network, Systems, and Security Administrator over the Industrial Control Network. He has experience conducting equipment and software audits as well as repairing and maintaining process control systems. He is accustomed to adapting and revising strategies to meet evolving priorities, shifting needs, and emergent issues.

Nicole Giddens

Fitness Over Forty

Nicole Giddens started her fitness journey as a child with a love for gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. As a young adult, she competed in figure fitness competitions and placed at National levels. She has dedicated her life to holistic health, fitness motivation, and assisting charities. Her passion was ignited when she became a mother of her three children where she taught at a college for 10 years. At the holistic health school, she helped many veterans with the “Hands for Heroes” program to receive free bodywork therapy and presented ways for handicapped individuals to receive funding with the Department of Rehabilitative Services.

Shailendra Shukla

Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated

Shailen is a computer science graduate of Texas A&M. As CEO of Billing IQ, having a 15-year IT and software background fuels his passion for implementation and management in healthcare settings. Shailen is now expanding his business from the world of medical billing into the growing medical spa industry. He has created Sugarland Infusions, which has a new approach to infusion therapy, making it accessible and convenient. As a medical professional you can trust him to provide you with reliable infusions that help raise the immune defense and cleanse and restore the body.

Hitesh Patel

Mental Health Provided Through Awareness and Eduation

Hitesh Patel is a 2nd generation college graduate from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.  He has since joined the family business and manages a portfolio of hotels in the Houston area in pursuit of carrying on the legacy his family started.

Cody Dakota Wooten

The Leader’s Physiology

Cody Dakota Wooten is THE Legendary Leadership Coach, Speaker, TV Show and Podcast Host whose core values are Faith (Through Perseverance, Integrity, Excellence, Timeliness, and YOU!), Family, Freedom, Future, and Fun! His podcast, The Leadership Guide, is in the Top 1% of ALL Podcasts and is listened to in four continents. He was a Finalist for the Next Level of Inspirational Speakers, and the Extraordinarian Award for Coaches with Ideas that can Change Businesses, People, and the World for the Better for his ideas on Leadership, and has been a Co-Author of 6 Best-Selling Books.

Jordan Bakare

5 Paths to Deeper Daily Awareness

Jordan Bakare is a Copywriter, Visual Artist, Musician, and Public Speaker. He merges the worlds of personal and professional development  with a focus on helping people to take action and start creating practical steps to the life they want. Six years of working with development and personal coaches comes together to help people use their strengths to pursue their dreams.

Nicole Hardcastle

5 Steps to Greatness:
Exercise and Mentality Foundations

Nicole has been coaching for 3 years but considers her lifestyle transformation an ongoing process. Growth is never-ending and the road to support that growth is fueled by her love of fitness. Through different experiences, she has come into contact with her own confidence battles, that a healthy lifestyle has turned around! She now has a passion for helping others find their best self, upgrade their confidence, and understand what a sustainable healthy and fit lifestyle looks like.

Fillipe Silvas

5 Steps to Greatness:
Exercise and Mentality Foundations

Fillipe’s story is not one that started in health and fitness. He went through high school as the “fat kid.” Even after losing a parent to ill health, it took a couple of years to realize how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle really is. After committing to fitness at age 19, his life began to change and he started helping others to commit to change. After almost 3 years as a part-time personal trainer, he decided to leave his full-time position and open OTG Fitness. He considers his specialty to be weight loss and lifestyle transformations.