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24 HR Shift Summit!

Simple and Easy.

Coaches from all over the Wellness Industry are coming together to help our community break old cycles of being overworked in body and mind. 

Toni Kaufman, – CEO,  Mother, Inspirational Speaker  

By becoming a speaker at this event you are not just receiving a promotion opportunity. You are connecting with a network of determined people who actually care what’s happening in their professional community to be a part of an event that is profitable and purposeful all at once.  Don’t worry we made it easy as possible to get started on your way to the virtual stage ar to share your tools with this great audience!

Wired and Tired? 

Adrenal Fatigue is not formally recognized as a disease but many in our community of entrepreneurs, authors,and healers deal with this everyday. Colloquially called being “wired and tired”. It is that almost painful back and forth between overly caffeinated and unfocused and too sleepy to feel motivated to perform your best. If this sounds like ypour clients then this event may be the perfect platform for you to team up and show tiredness whose boss with other motivated leaders there to support along the way. 

The Problem: Wired and Tired Leaders and Clients All Over The World Aren’t Getting The Help They Need

Often people do not know where to turn when facing the challenges of day to day life. Those of us who have overcome this challenge become even more motivated to help other people get back in control of their lives. But where do we fingd the time…or the audience?

The Solution: Join Our Team Of Leaders Dedicated to Makaing a Difference

We are working together and combining our audiences to help as many people as possible and with two ways to particiapate we are able to provide space for even more speakers dedicated to helping people lead a more complete and fulfilling life NOW! 

Our Top Contributors 

Jonathan Bengel 


Linda Cain

Personal Development 

Deneene Collins


Toni Kaufman

Sales/Lead Gen.


Ways to Contribute 

step 1

Feature Your Resource in the 24HR Shift Gift Basket 

Not ready fopr stage just yet? No problem our gift contribution slot is available for just $97 and will be delivered to each attendee helping yopu to get more exposure and reach while they get the health boost they need! 

step 2

LIVE Speaking Time + Gift Opportunity

A lot of coaches do better when they can talk to the audience heart to heart. This is a key opportunity to get in front of a supportive and attentive audience to share the valuable health and wellness information you havc gathered from experience. Both FB Live interview time and Summit Time on the HEySummit hosted event are included at this level for just $197.

Event Sponsors 

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