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Attention! Female dragons Entrepreneurs: Here’s the event that takes you from…

Wired & Tired to

Calm & Inspired

Everything you need to know to combat brain fog, exhaustion, and anxiety… and become the Empowered Hero of Your Health Journey and Life

If you’re breathing fire one minute and feeling drained the next…

If you can’t sleep at night…

… and wake up in a fog, needing mugs of coffee to feel like a real dragonhuman.

If even small stressors make you want to incinerate them like burnt toast…

If you’re about to lose your mind…

… along with that once-beautiful hair on the bathroom floor.

Then we’re kindred spirits, you and I...

… and you’ve landed in the perfect place.

Because what worked for my other draggin’ friends and me …

… can be your way of escape, too.

You can get your health under control…

and have a life with balance, happiness, and meaningful purpose

 to operate in your zone of genius.

If You Ignore Fatigue, It Just Gets Worse

Meet Assiz Dragon… your “Wired & Tired” Poster Dragon.

Hi, Assiz here…

Yeah, that’s the old me…

Trying to power through fatigue

Spending wasted trips to the doctor…

Testing pharmaceuticals…

To no avail.

Over time, I realized my doctors didn’t understand the source of my fatigue…

I was paying them to guess.

Makes my nostrils smoke just thinking about it.

All they had was their “hammer.”

All my problems were seen as nails.

… Nails for my coffin, but then …

… a miracle happened.

I met Lana Kirtley.

How I Got My Fire Back 

It could have ended terribly…

My dragling child tried to make her first toast, as dragons do.

(She’d gotten her first little flame)…

Soon the kitchen curtains were ablaze.

We’d have lost everything in the cave–if Lana hadn’t magically appeared.

Lana insists she’s human… but I’m positive she’s an angel.

She extinguished the fire at lightning speed.

And within 24 hours of meeting her, …

she had encouraged me not to send my little dragling out of the cave.

More importantly…

… we came up with a plan to deal with my wired and tired condition.

Lana’s CHANGED my whole life.

I’m on my new health journey now, and I feel empowered.

And, I’ve got my fire back!

She can help you too!

Seeing I’m now a Lana Fan…

I must tell you about Lana’s Secret Summit.

Lana and some of her colleagues are getting together in a special place to help more wired and tired kindred spirits like us.

The 24HR Shift Summit: 

Wellness Tools for the Wired and Tired

The place is abuzz…

…because we’re getting the latest about fatigue and stress.

I’m inviting You!

Besides… Lana’s asked me to be her Mascot! So Ya’ GOTTA come!

Science and psychology have kissed.

Wellness and Neuroscience have blended to give us wonderful, holistic, evidence-based solutions in…

  • Nutrition—Nature’s herbs bring nutrients for healing
  • Mindfulness—breathing, forms of meditation.
  • Fitness—benefits of movement
  • Anti-Aging—You’re literally replacing yourself, 35,000 new cells per second—are they healthy?

See ya there!

Assiz Dragon

It’s Decision Time

It’s a simple choice, my friend:

Keep up what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing).

You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go?


Take a new action.

Come as my guest… and get a new result.

Finally get that your old draggin’ ways under control.

Feel good again.

Feel good about YOURSELF again.

Like yourself.

LOVE yourself.

Become the person you are meant to be.

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